The design story

The inspiration for Sleepy Bottle came after a sleepless vacation with my friends and their 3 months old son. During night time feeds the whole house was woken up, not by the sounds of crying hungry baby, but by the dad rumbling around in the kitchen boiling water, cleaning bottle and generally fiddling his way through the steps for preparing of many bottles that week. After a sleep deprived “vacation” I decided there had to be a “better way”.

Two years later I designed a first prototype which dramatically simplified night time baby feeding by warming the water to 37°C while you sleep. Also, Sleepy Bottle offers a closeable design that allows baby formula to be kept dry and seperate from the water until it is time to feed your baby. This means baby formula is fresh, always on the right temperature, and always ready when the baby needs it.

Sleep well Moms and Dads,
Rok Colarič sign
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